Snack Bar & Exhibition Center - Marbeya
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Snack Bar & Exhibition Center

About This Project

Project Name: Snack Bar & Exhibition Center

Client: Damac

Project Type: Mixed-Used

Location: Akoya Oxygen – Dubai, UAE

Completion Date: January 2022

Scope of Work: Design and Build

Design Description: The Snack Bar and Damac exhibition project has been designed by Marbeya team in which the idea was to create street look style-industrial design. Many factors were taken into consideration during the design stage. Sustainability and the use of recycled materials were important factors in this design.
Open floor plans and high ceilings were important features to get the feeling of ancient industrial design. Instead of using drywall or wallpaper, buildings feature exposed brick, concrete cracked floors in various shades of gray, recycled burnt wood, rusted metal panels, industrial pipes, and visible ductwork.

The project contains several areas and facilities that were combined together and created a good harmony between different spaces. The main idea of this project was to create a good visitor experience as there is a large display and modeling area with a giant advertising screen at the main entrance. Sales team offices with private meeting rooms were connected to it. The recreation areas in this project help to make the space always active thus targeting more people.
The recycled barrel was the main feature in the design of furniture such as the bar counter, dining tables, chairs and shelves. It was used in different colors to give a more pleasant effect to the space.

The pendant lights were made from recycled items such as Sieve, Cheese shredded tool, Bicycle and Ice bucket. Green elements were an important feature in this design such as vertical green walls, plants suspended on a metal mesh as well as large trees in the middle of the space. All this helps to add a fresh, comfortable and interesting design.