Al Shamms Contracting Company

Premier services crafted by our vision of excellence

Founded in 1975, Al Shamms Contracting Company is an international general contracting and construction project management company. Since the company’s inauguration, we have delivered a wide range of distinguished, landmark recreation, healthcare, and commercial projects in Baghdad and across the Middle East.

We take sole responsibility for overall project management of the construction process freeing you to concentrate on your business. Ensuring real-time communication to allow ample lead-time, we carefully coordinate every step of the process between clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, municipal authorities, and other team members.

From project inception to completion, Al Shamms Company provides cost and time-saving solutions. Our operations are aimed at facilitating operating efficiency, such as concurrent phasing, intuitive scheduling, giving clients the benefit of our expertise on such issues as site selection, local infrastructure, municipal code, scheduling, building materials, and systems evaluation, we can accelerate completion, seamlessly integrating future expansions while ensuring the project’s residual value.