About Us

Mankind has always sought to make their surroundings into the most beautiful, luxurious monuments of opulence. With this in mind, the company’s visionary founder and managing director established Marbeya United Group, with the sole aim of combining versatile, stylish design and premium materials to create palatial environments that exceed our clients’ imaginations.

Beginning as a small, highly-focussed operation, Marbeya Group started with just a few exceptionally skilled and experienced people, all of whom shared a passion and vision for creating not just the finest decorative finishing’s, but works of art that reflected the rich tastes and aspirations of our clientele.

Since then, we have utilised our desire for perfection and the unsurpassed skills of our dedicated craftsmen to grow to become a globally recognised leader in the interior design industry. We continue to establish new goals, raising the bar to provide unique, unparalleled levels of service at competitive prices. It is our ongoing drive to deliver excellence and achieve growth, combined with a continuing commitment to provide outstanding quality products and services to clients that has enabled us to gain international recognition and the respect of our customers, suppliers and competitors.

The management of Marbeya United Group has extensive knowledge of the industry, gained over many years in the industry, which enables the company to run under the philosophy of “integrity and honour arekey to achieving success”. Unwavering adherence to this policy in all areas of our operations has ensured that the Group has grown and now has a number of subsidiary companies, with operations spanning a multiplicity of industrial sectors, including manufacturing, trading and interior finishing.

Marbeya United Group is the umbrella company for Marbeya Star International, Marbeya Al Sham, Marbella Marble, Ziggurat Trading & Contracting, Marbeya Building Materials Trading and Arabian Diamond Trading & Processes Co. The efficient integration of each of these companies into the overall harmony of our business provides us with the global resources to deliver consistently high quality products and services and guarantees that we are always able operate with consummate professionalism. Every project we complete is a new achievement that inspires us to deliver even higher levels of excellence.


we are commited to beecoming the number one provider of excellent interior finishing products and services. we aim to be seen as the benchmark of quality and professionalism with a stewart reputation as industry innovator, globally recognised as operating with absolute honesty and integrity.


our continuous commitment to delivering pioneering, value-added construction services at competitive prices will ensure we can continue to always exceed expectations and establish enduring, successful partnerships with our customers. we are dedicated to long term investment in our employees by providing ongoing motivational training and development programmes to guarantee exceptional performance from every member of the group, ensuring the continuity of our company and enabling us to always achieve customer satisfaction.